• Birding Shots

    The magnificent wings that add to our lifestyle in even the smallest splash of coloration. These beautiful creations show exactly why nature created us. To live life.

Cedar Waxwing

The Cedar Waxing is a species of bird that is very persistent. Always finding their mates, harvesting seed, and flying from tree to tree... the end of summer is their queue!

Double Crested Cormorants

A pair of Double Crested Cormorants. Female is to the right, and male to the left.

The Chipping Sparrow

The Chipping Sparrow is known as a residential species of bird here in Maine. One that I both enjoy seeing and love.

During the winter, they tend to be a bit less active. That being said, in the summer, they're often chipping away.

Male Golden Finch

The bird with the rhythmic singing and elegant yellow pattern, the Golden Finch is a fun bird to see around.

Phoebe Flycatcher

The Phoebe is a bird that likes to build their nest close to houses and or, built against houses. You'll often see them breed three times in a single summer, and always bringing food to their young.

Female Red-Winged Blackbird

With a nest in the cattails growing by the perimeter of the pond, the female Red Winged Blackbird searches seed out for their young. The male will hang close by to make sure nobody's near her or the nest.

Gray Catbird

Ah, the Catbird. A bird that's always singing cheerfully. If they're boisterous when you walk by, perhaps they have been nesting near.

The Robin

A silly little bird that hops about while searching for worms- we all except this little fella as a sure sign of spring's welcoming.

Mourning Dove

Look carefully the next time you're walking in the wood. You'll be sure to see a few of these. ;)

Black Capped Chickadee #1

Maine state bird, the Black Capped Chickadee. One of God's many beautiful gifts.

White Breasted Nuthatch

Beautiful little birds- very photogenic.

Dark Eyed Junco

The bird opposite of robin... Dark Eyed Juncos bounce freely about in the newly fallen snow, noting that winter is certainly on its way.

A Red Breasted Nuthatch

A Red Breasted Nuthatch holding onto a sunflower seed and climbing down a tree.

Female Cormorant

A singular female Double Crested Cormorant.

Cedar Waxwings

Silhouette of a Cedar Waxing couple. Perched on a house roof as the sun vanishes, they had just found one another.

Two Mourning Doves

Chickadee #1

Chipping Sparrow

White Breasted Nuthatch

Red Breasted Nuthatch

The Red Breasted Nuthatch is more of a timid, yet graceful, tree climber. They're particularly one of my favorites.

Female Mallard

The Mallards are graceful birds that tend to enjoy swimming or hunting for fish in ponds and swamps. They're summer residents that are always welcomed here! Especially since they've been known as a sign of spring.

Wild Goose

Eastern Phoebe #1

A very nice resident find nesting on your property, the Eastern Phoebe can be a rather simple bird to befriend.

Chickadee #2

Black Capped Chickadee #2

Chickadee #3

Chickadee #4

Red Shouldered Hawk

Red Shouldered Hawk

Indigo Bunting

White Breasted Nuthatch


Skippy is a young Eastern Phoebe that left the nest just when it was raining outside. We brought him in, he dried off, and then he returned to his Mother.

Eatern Phoebe Fledglings

48 Geese

Gold Finch

Eastern Phoebe #2

Looking for Promise

Red Winged Blackbird


Female Rose Breasted Grosbeak

Baltimore Oriole

Migration of Blackbirds

Scarlet Tanager

Winter Cardinal

Male Rose Breasted Grosbeak

Tree Swallow


Eastern Bluebird

First time having one visit the yard was in early March of 2020.

Unique Black Capped Chickadee

Saw this little guy visiting the feeder- knew he was a Black Capped Chickadee, but of his own handsome differences.

Tree Swallow on Powerline

Female Ruby-Throated Humminbird

Magnificent birds!

Chipping Sparrow

Indigo Bunting

Song Sparrow

Yellow Warbler

Bald Eagle

Black Capped Chickadee

Birding Shots

Can you tell I love Birding?


Each scene tells a story of its own history.

Pretty Skies

The place above us- never ending miles of never ending beauty.


The whispering breeze releases its tears in the midst of dawn- allowing the freshly woven blooms to uphold nature's roughness.


These creations from God are the best reminders of how life is so much larger than us...

Beaches of Maine

The sea meets the sky in nothing but a faint line, in which, is never ending.


Photos that have been slightly tinted or edited in color.


Different, developing types of photography/art.


Other types of beautiful nature that we often take for granted.