• Birding Shots

    The magnificent wings that add to our lifestyle in even the smallest splash of coloration. These beautiful creations show exactly why nature created us. To live life.

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Wild Goose

Eastern Phoebe #1

A very nice resident find nesting on your property, the Eastern Phoebe can be a rather simple bird to befriend.

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Birding Shots

Can you tell I love Birding?


Each scene tells a story of its own history.

Pretty Skies

The place above us- never ending miles of never ending beauty.


The whispering breeze releases its tears in the midst of dawn- allowing the freshly woven blooms to uphold nature's roughness.


These creations from God are the best reminders of how life is so much larger than us...

Beaches of Maine

The sea meets the sky in nothing but a faint line, in which, is never ending.


Photos that have been slightly tinted or edited in color.


Different, developing types of photography/art.


Other types of beautiful nature that we often take for granted.